Wednesday, February 22, 2017

White Flared Jeans

Happy hump day!
I hope your week has been going good!!
The weather has been so mild lately and its crazy that it is still February and reaching highs in the 80's! I don't know if I am quite ready to put up my scarves and boots just yet! I guess I don't have a choice when its this warm!!
Anyway, how cute is this striped sweater!? I love the colors and its perfect for spring! I was in Old Navy the other day and holy moly, they have so much cute stuff for Spring! I only ended up purchasing a few pieces, though. 
Also, I am really digging these white flared jeans! I was already planning on getting a new pair of skinny white jeans, but then I saw these and was immediately drawn to them. Flared jeans have been back for a while now and I'm not complaining. I kind of love them!
I can also see myself pairing them with a flowy/ boho style top later this spring!
It was SO windy when we were taking these pics-hence my hair looking all sorts of crazy. I'm also aware of how bad my roots need touched up. 😖 Thankfully I have a hair appointment later today! haha

Thanks so much for stoping by!


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