Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Colorful Colorado

This was in New Mexico. It was cloudy and rainy the whole time we were driving through on our way to CO. 
The landscape was so pretty, so we decided to stop and take some pictures...

We took this picture right after we crossed the state line into Colorado. Trey spotted some old county roads, so we drove on those for a while, which was pretty cool!

I've been to Colorado many times, but I have never visited the Great Sand Dunes, so we stopped by there for a while and walked around. There sooooo many people there!

People were walking way up on the dunes. We didn't go very far; we weren't wearing the right kind of shoes, anyway, and the sand was hot!

There were SO many pretty flowers up at the higher elevations. These were my favorites!

We climbed up this mountain by Clear Lake and I thought I was going to die! haha We had a hard time catching our breath, because of the elevation. Not to mention how steep it was!! The pictures don't do it justice. I literally thought I was going to slide down the mountain! Trey made me keep going, lol. 

It was worth it climbing to the top for this view!

This was the view we had from one of our camping spots one night. The trees were so tall and all around us. I kept waiting for a bear or mountain lion to show up, haha, but all we saw was a deer. 
By the same camp spot, there was this water fall right by us. It was so pretty!

We saw so many marmots everywhere! They were fun to watch. From the back, they almost looked like short little fluffy dogs.
Trey just making me nervous... haha. There was a few moments I was freaking out! I thought we were going to fall down the mountain! It's a good thing he is a good driver!

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