Monday, August 29, 2016

Orange Dress + 5 Ways to Beat the Monday Blues

Happy Monday! 
I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was a bit stressful because I didn't realize I had homework due this weekend in a class that started Monday! So Saturday I signed onto my class just to make sure I was caught up on everything, then I realized I had some homework due on Sunday! I had no idea! So the majority of my Saturday was spent working on that! Not really how I had planned to spend my Saturday, but oh well. 
I am loving this dress! I got it at Old Navy about a week ago, and for some reason I cannot find it on their website!! So, I have some similar ones linked under the last picture, and in the widget below. I really love the lace-up detail on this dress and the fit! It will be a great transitional dress for fall! I am already planing on wearing it with boots! 

Old Navy Dress (similar linked, also similar here & here) // Lucky Brand Shoes // Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody // Earrings 

5 Ways to Beat the Monday Blues:

1. Coffee.
Coffee, Coffee, Coffee. The answer is always coffee. Treat yourself to Starbucks & don't just make it your normal coffee or latte. Go ahead and go with a frappuccino or treat yourself to something sweet! (It's Monday, you deserve it!) :)

2. Listen To Your Favorite Music.
Every morning (not just Mondays), on my way to work, I listen to music that will get me pumped for the day! Listen to some of your current favorite tunes to get you motivated to get things done!

3. Exercise. 
No, its not the first thing you want to do on a Monday, or even after work or class on a Monday. BUT, you will feel 100% better about the day and yourself if you get a nice little workout in.

4. Buy Some Fresh Flowers.
Pretty blooms will make anyones day brighter! Stop by the store and pick up some flowers. The smell and the color they bring to your room will make your day that much better!

5. ...And maybe a Bottle of Wine. 
Because wine. Why not? What better way to end the day with a glass of your favorite wine...AND don't forget Bachelor In Paradise tonight...the perfect combo!



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