Friday, January 5, 2018

7 Favorite Purchases of 2017

My Louis was my biggest and favorite purchase of 2017! It was a splurge for sure, but I am so happy I finally have one! I have wanted one for so long! In Tulsa, there is nowhere to buy LV. The closest LV store is in Dallas. We have a Saks Fifth Avenue that had a pop up LV shop and I decided to just go ahead and get one...I am so glad I did!! I'm in love and already can't wait to buy my second bag!

I wore these sandals non-stop last summer! They are such good quality & look good with everything! They also come in so many colors! Hoping to get another pair this year!

This Columbia jacket is a must-have!! It is so cute and warm! It reminds me of a Patagonia jacket-just not as expensive, thankfully! 

This coat is beautiful! The price is not bad for the quality! I know I will have this coat for many more years to come. It also comes in so many different colors!


I feel like I wore these sandals so much last summer! They look cute with anything & they were so popular! They are on sale for like $30 something now!

This stuff has been amazing! It has kept my skin from drying out this winter. I use it morning and night! HIGHLY recommend! 


You all already know I wear these booties way too much!! I just can't help myself! They are perfect & such good quality!

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