Monday, January 1, 2018

Reflecting on 2017

WOW! Can you guys believe 2017 is already over!? For me, it flew by and it seems like it did the same for many other people I have talked to.
Looking back on 2017, there was some very exciting times & some really, REALLY hard times. I am not normally one to post very personal stuff to my social media or blog. This year brought some really tough times for my family that many people probably didn't even know about because I didn't share much about it. If I did, I wouldn't share much detail.
Anyway, in late March, my aunt passed away. It was almost exactly a year before that she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She began treatment not long after and was really doing very well! When she was diagnosed and this journey to recovery began, the whole family believed that God would heal her and we were constantly praying that she would make it through and be healthy again. She was a mother to my 5 cousins, ranging in age from 13-27. We were all determined that she would be healed and continue on living and being a mother to my cousins. In late March things took a turn for the worst and we ended up losing her on the 22nd. Some days I still can't believe she is gone. Even though almost 10 months have passed, it is still crazy and doesn't seem real. The strength that I have seen in my cousins is amazing. I cant imagine losing my mother at such a young age and having to adjust to living life without her. We all have comfort in knowing we get to see her again one day!

About a week after my aunt passed, my great grandma also passed away. She lived a very long life and we all knew it was coming sooner than later, but we hated losing that sassy little lady. She lived in Louisiana and many of my favorite childhood memories are of taking trips down there to see her! She lived her last few years here in Tulsa and got to enjoy being close to family, and most importantly-spending time with her great great grandchild (my adorable nephew), Gavin!
March was TOUGH, and my birthday is April 2nd, so it was kind of a mellow b-day this year, but that's ok-there's always next year! 

There was a good portion of the year where I just felt down. I was comparing myself to other people my age and thinking 'wow they are my age and look at all they are accomplishing'. I have been in the same position at my job for 3 years, I have applied for other spots within the company and nothing ever works out. I began feeling stuck and really frustrated. I started applying to different places, had a few interviews but nothing was working out and I  had no idea why! I know I am a hard worker and I am reliable and smart and I just couldn't figure out why nothing was going my way. I finally came to the realization that everyone goes at a different pace. Just because it may be taking me a little longer to get through school than some of my friends, THATS OK. At least I have a desire to go to work and  at least I have a desire to go to school! I have taken my time with school because unlike many other college students I have been working full time, simply because I WANTED to. I know some people work full time and attend school full time, but for me I knew I couldn't take a full load of classes and work full time and still get the grades I wanted. In February I started working part time and I think it was a really good decision. I finally just had to tell myself to slow down and go ahead and finish school and then I can worry about finding a new job. I am taking advantage of working part time now and taking more classes and hopefully get my Bachelors a little sooner than I would if I was still working FT. I am starting at a new school in the Spring and I am ready for a busy 2018!

Okay, on to some more happier things...

1. In March Trey graduated from Rogers State and started the police academy in September! 
2. In August, my sister and brother in law moved to Missouri & are starting a church! It is so sad they aren't in Tulsa anymore but I am so happy and excited for them in this new journey! Check out the church website here!
3. Got to stand by my best friend and watch her say 'I do'!
4. Finished up my Associates ((finally)), and got through some tough classes that I was dreading (accounting, algebra, etc... THANKFUL for good teachers!)
5. Accepted to Reward Style & made it easier for you all to shop my Instagram with Like to Know It!

Thankful for those of you who follow my blog and Instagram and like and comment on what I post! It really does mean a lot & even though I can't devote all of my time to my blog (right now, at least), it is something I really enjoy doing and it makes me happy getting to share the things I love! 

Cheers to 2018!


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