Saturday, April 9, 2016

London Visits London 2016

First of all I just want to say that London was amazing! It is such a beautiful city with so many things to do! I enjoyed visiting SO MUCH and can't wait to go back! :) These are just some pictures that Andrea and I captured on our Spring Break adventure!

At the airport, anxious and ready to go!! Can you even believe we packed all of our stuff in carry-on's?? Andrea bought a bigger suitcase for the trip back home, which she so kindly let me pack a few of my things in!

This was taken on the plane in Dallas right after we boarded! We were so ready to GO!...And then our flight got delayed 3 hours! It was awful! 

*it changed from 2 to 3 hours*

The flight was so long! We tried to sleep as much as we could on the way so we would be ready to go once we got there but its so hard for me to sleep on planes, I just slept a tiny bit. Andrea slept for so much of it! I had issues sleeping on the trip, I guess from just being in a different place, idk. 

Anyway.... on to the exciting pics!...

This was right down the street from where our Hostel was. The Hostel experience was not my favorite, but since we were always out doing stuff, we didn't spend a whole lot of time there! Im not so sure I would ever stay in one again though...haha. We passed by a Hilton and I was like "THAT'S where we should be staying!!" 

 This is Royal Albert Hall, which is a concert hall! I thought it looked neat. One of the things I loved most about London was all of the gorgeous architecture! We don't have anything like it in Oklahoma, thats for sure!

The Natural History Museum was so pretty at night!

This was the view outside of our window! It was so pretty, like out of a movie! We were on the 4th floor and please note there are no elevators in the hostel, so we got a nice little workout going up and down all those stairs everyday!

Tower Bridge! So gorgeous!

We visited a few markets while we were there and there were a lot of street performers, like this guy, he was pretty good, actually!

And LOTS of art like this!

St. Paul's gorgeous!

So many double deckers. We only rode on one just a few times... the first time was on our way to Oxford and we rode on the top level and Andrea and I got sooo nauseous! 

This was pretty cool! Somehow he carved a dog out of the sand!

Had to get my chocolate fix! :)

Buckingham Palace!!! So amazing getting to see all of these cool places you see in movies, in real life!

Big Ben was one of the main things I was wanting to see while we were there. It was a tad smaller than I anticipated, which they said thats what most people think. But still super cool!

Borough Market was my favorite market we visited! They had SO much good food! We were just walking around sampling everything. 

I had to....

Andrea and I went off by ourselves over to New Bond Street, which is where all of the fancy stores are. We went into Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, just to name a few and I loved it! It was so pretty...these are the stores we dream about!! 

Andrea and I got our first Tory Burch totes while we were there, so of course we had to each take a picture in front of the store! 

The view from the London Eye! Andrea and I really wanted to ride it while we were there and we finally did towards the end of the week! It was funny because we were in the same little pod with some other people that were from Oklahoma, too! Its a small world!

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